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About Meee

I’m so glad you came to my About page! I knew you would! Everyone told me you all would! I’m becoming quite famous you know.

So, my mammy named me Feroza which was my great great granddaddys name. I did ask her why she didn’t name me after my great great grandnanny, her name was Gertrude.

Too late now I guess. For as long as I can remember I’ve been called Cricket by everyone. Such a compliment! Not sure why really….

And this blog is so I can tell the whole entire world about Meeeee!! Mostly my dating adventures because they are SO interesting! Here is a recent photo of me, so you will know me if we pass eachother in the street and you can ask me for my autograph.


Now don’t laugh. My glasses do need replacing.

You are welcome to make contact with me on my Contact Meee page. And read my adventures from my Home page.