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Hi! I’m Cricket

…and I have decided to share my life with the entire world!  Well, at least Australia…but that’s MY whole world!  Anyway, I’m a single girl living a fantastic life in Australia!  Fantastic, as in fantastically normal.  BUT I think you’ll find my adventures exciting!  I know my friends do!

Whenever I go to lunch with my friends or I go out on a date, people just love to hear me go on and on about my daily adventures.  Even a simple trip to the mobile phone hospital to repair my always cracked phone screen keeps my listeners captive through an entire lunch break!  You wouldn’t think that phone
screen repair would be so fascinating, but I swear that my friends love my stories so much that, often when co-worker 2 walks into the smoko room at the end of a story, co-worker 1 prods me to tell the whole story again so that co-worker 2 doesn’t miss out, but co-worker 1 never seems to have time to
stay and hear it again.

My friends, dates, and co-workers have convinced me to write this blog.  At the end of nearly every story, and sometimes right in the middle, it seems that someone tells me that I should start a blog.  Just last Thursday night, I was on a date with a nice gentleman from the dating website Craigslist.  In the middle of dinner, he asked me to take my shoes off, and he took a selfie with my feet right in the restaurant!  I meet the most interesting people on that particular dating website.

Anyway, seeing him take the selfie reminded me of how often my phone jumps out of my hands and how much time I spend dealing with a cracked phone screen.

I told him this amazingly cute story about the first time I went looking for a mobile phone hospital for my cracked iPhone screen, but I couldn’t find anyone who would do phone screen repair on a Sunday,

so…anyway, after only a half hour into the story, he suggested I should write about it in a blog, so that he could read it over and over and never forget a detail!  You’d be surprised how often I’ve heard this same thing from people.  I mean, people tell me that in the middle of nearly all my stories, but I hear it
every single time I tell one of my “cracked iPhone screen” stories (and I have a million of them).

I guess people love their mobile phone as much as I love mine, but apparently, they just don’t have the great adventures with their phones that I have with mine.  I don’t mind if they live vicariously through me.

So, I’ve decided to take the advice of so many of my friends and dates and share my stories with the world!  I think it’s for the best.  This way, my friends can not only hear my stories, but they can go back and read them over and over so they won’t forget a single detail.  Plus, I can tell my stories through this blog to people who I would never have been able to meet in real life.  And then, I will read your comments and make sure everyone at work knows all about them.  I don’t want them to miss a thing!