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Office Dynamics. Ugh!

I almost forgot to tell you about last Tuesday!  If it hadn’t been for my boss, I would have forgotten altogether.  You see, we were about to have an office meeting, and I had just printed out my list of questions for the Q&A section of the meeting including a blanked, lined page for any additional questions that came up during the meeting, and my boss noticed my extensive preparation.

“You’ve been preparing, I see,” she noticed.

“Oh, yes!  Buttons and I went over every possible question last night while watching the Master Chef marathon, and she emailed them to me to print out this morning.  I want to make sure I understand everything completely!”

“Yes, I know.  Well, unfortunately, we’ve only scheduled this meeting for an hour, and there won’t be a lot of time for questions,” she said.

I reassured her that I could narrow my question list down to the top 20-25 most important questions.  Just then, our new assistant manager walked up.  I had met him a couple of days ago, but I only had about 45 minutes to talk to him, so I wasn’t able to find out much about him.  Something clicked in my boss’s mind, and she smiled and said, “Cricket, have you been on any interesting dates lately?”  I told her that I went on a date on Tuesday, but it wasn’t that interesting.  She said, “Oh, I bet it’s more interesting that you let on.  I’ve been telling B_____ (my boss said to just use the assistant manager’s initials because Brad might not want his name on the internet) about your amazing stories, and he’s dying to hear one.  The first ten minutes of today’s meeting is stuff you already know.  Do you think you could tell him about your date in ten minutes or so and then just join us a little late?”

B_____ rolled his eyes in embarrassment of being called out, but I let him know it was ok.  “Absolutely!” I assured her.  “I’m sure I just need 8 minutes.”

Well, little did I know, B_____ was so interested in my story we missed the ENTIRE MEETING!  He just kept asking questions and leading me down new paths.  Well, he didn’t ask out loud so much, but I could see by his blank stare that he needed more details, so I just kept piling them on until I noticed everyone walking out of the meeting room.

I was sure that B____ and I were in big trouble for missing the whole meeting, but my boss was sweet as pie.  She was not mad a bit.  She said that I didn’t really need that training, but she’s sure B_____ learned more about our office dynamics in the last hour and fifteen minutes with me than he could have in two years of meetings with the entire staff.  I don’t think that’s true because I never even talked about office dynamics.  I only talked about Tuesday night’s date the entire time.

Hey, that reminds me…I have completely forgot to tell you about my date last Tuesday!  Well, I have to go because Buttons has been reading my Facebook and wants to show me some people to see if I know them.  I’ll have to tell you the date story next time. You know what I’d really like? You contacting me to tell me you can’t wait to hear about Tuesdays date!